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Info you need to know other than your room number and favorite drink.

Yes, we do!
Below rates shall apply when standard check-in and check-out times are followed:

0400H – 0900H – 1-Night Charge (Subject to Room Availability)
0901H – 1200H – Half-Day Charge of Room Tariff (Subject to Room Availability)
1201H Onwards – Free of Charge (Subject to Room Availability)

1201H – 1400H – Free of Charge (Subject to Room Availability)
1401H – 1800H – Half-Day Charge of Room Tariff (Subject to Room Availability)
1801H Onwards – 1-Night Charge (Subject to Room Availability)

Of course, you can! Spills and dirt’s a no-no.

Regular Service – Collected by 10AM; returned on the same day
Express Service – Latest collection by 7PM with 50% surcharge
Pressing Service – Collected between 10PM to 7PM with 50% surcharge
Overnight Service – Collected after 8PM; returned by 7AM with 50% surcharge

Just call our Housekeeping Department as needed.

Much like the song, when all bags are packed and ready to go, we’ll be standing here to take you – on roundtrip hotel-airport transfers, of course.

Shuttle will leave from Savoy Hotel Manila hourly, every 20th minute.

Shuttle will leave from Terminal 1, 2 and 3 every hour on the hour. SHM will be the first drop off point from the

Below is the location of the RWM Kiosks/Lounge:
Terminal 1 – RWM Airport Lounge after the arrival hall.
Terminal 2 – RWM Kiosk located at Bay 15 (Outer-lane)
Terminal 3 – RWM Kiosk located at Bay 13 (Inner-lane)

You definitely can. We have private transport services for you too!
A Mini Cooper is available for a reasonable rate to take you around town:

Airport Transfers per way (Terminals 1, 2, 3 & 4) – PhP 900.00

Parking spaces are available for check-in guests. One slot per room is allowed. We also have:

  • Valet – PhP150 per valet transaction
  • Park &Fly / Overnight Parking – PhP300 per night after check-out

Our Business Center is at your disposal. Rates will be charged accordingly. Just approach our lovely Front Office Associates.

Other hotel-related things on your mind? Call us at +632.317.2869.

All for you

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