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Gym Membership

    Kindly fill out this form to apply for a gym membership at Move Health Club. A Hotel Associate will contact you after 48 hours to assist you with your request.


    Membership Type

    1 Month - Php 4,900.003 Months - Php 11,718.006 Months - Php 18,900.0012 Months - Php 34,020.00

    6 Months - Php 28,000.0012 Months - Php 49,000.00


    The following terms and conditions, rules and regulations have been developed for the pleasure and safety of the members when using Move Health Club. Revisions to these rules and regulations may be made from time to time. Significant changes will be posted.

    Move Health Club

    Move shall operate as an exclusive fitness and recreation club by Savoy Hotel Manila and will be managed by the Club Manager or such person that the Hotel shall nominate.


    1. A person wishing to be a member of Move must complete an official membership application form. The member must update Move whenever changes have occurred in his/her personal details relating to the application form.

    2. No application for membership shall be accepted until membership fee has been paid or until clearance of relative payment.

    3. The Hotel, Move, or the Management, reserves the right to reject any application for membership without giving reasons of doing so. In such cases, any amount paid will be refunded immediately.

    4. Membership fees may be settled by credit card or cash. Membership may only commence once payment has been received.

    5. Move shall, from time to time, determine the amount of the membership fees and other charges, if any, for each of the facilities. Charges will solely be at the hotel discretion. A list of charges enforced will be displayed on a notice board found in Move.

    6. Minors must be closely supervised and accompanied by an adult member who shall be held responsible for the child's behavior and safety at all times. Children at the age of 12 years or younger are not allowed to loiter inside the gym and wet floor facilities

    7. Membership is exclusive to the member and is non-assignable, non-transferable, and non-refundable. A member may not loan his/her membership card to be used by someone else.

    8. Family and Couple memberships shall be available among immediate relatives only. Applicants shall present proof of marriage, kinship, and/or common address upon application.

    9. The Hotel and Move reserves the right to revise the rules, membership fees, operating hours. and the available facilities. In addition, The Hotel reserves the right to close Move, after giving reasonable notice, for any circumstances the Management deems necessary to do so.

    10. If any member fails to comply with rules and regulations, the Management reserves the right to suspend their membership and require such member to leave the premises without further notice. The Management’s decision in this regard shall be final and binding upon such person. It shall be the sole discretion of Move whether or not the membership is refundable in such circumstances. Move shall further have the right without deciding any reason thereof, to refuse entrance to any person from using its facilities.

    11. The Hotel or the Management reserves the right to refuse renewal of membership and will not be obliged to disclose any reason for its decision.

    12. Any member who wishes to discontinue his/her membership shall notify Move of such decision with at least one calendar month notice. In such circumstances, Move is not obliged to refund any portion of the membership fees.

    13. In the event a member shall be subjected to a prolonged period of absence from using the Move Health Club, the member may apply in writing to "freeze" his/her membership. The member must give at least one calendar months’ notice (such notice to expire on a month end). The freeze period whether in accumulation or in bulk- will only have a maximum of 3 months for annual and 2 months for semiannual membership terms. Freezing must be approved in advance by the Management with sufficient proof and will only be considered for genuine reasons of inability to use the facilities. Committed payments for membership and other fees will continue to be billed without interruption and duration of membership will be adjusted in accordance to the approved freezing duration.

    14. Move also reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member as deemed necessary for the safety of Move and its members.


    1. Personal belongings must be kept in the lockers. Members are advised not to leave money/ valuables. Move will not be responsible for the loss of such items, as provision of lockers are purely for the convenience of its members.

    2. All lockers must be emptied at closing time. If any belongings are found in the locker at the end of the day, the master set of keys shall be used to open the locker and its content will be turned over to security as lost and found property.


    1. All guest must be accompanied by a member and must sign the registration requirements before using any of Move’s facilities.

    2. Charges for guests will apply using the Day Pass Rate. Payment must be received upon checking in at the Club.

    3. The member vouching for a guest, shall be accountable for the corresponding charges; payment/s must be made prior to the use of the facilities.

    4. The member will be responsible for the conduct of his/her guests.

    Physical Condition and Safety of Members

    1. Members with diabetes, heart problems, high/low blood pressure, on strong medical prescriptions or who have any form of medical condition shall consult their doctor before the Club's facilities and inform The Club on such medical conditions.

    2. In the interest of safety, the Club's staff could limit the time/period using the facilities.

    3. The Hotel, Move, and the Management cannot be held responsible for the consequences should patrons fail to follow the instructions of facility usage accordingly. Use of the Pool will solely be at the risk of the member.

    4. Members who do not observe rules and regulations may be required to leave the Club's premises or be refused admission.

    Operating Hours

    Operating hours are at the discretion of the Hotel and subject to government restrictions.
    Only a specified number of persons will be allowed at a certain time. Advance booking is highly suggested.

    Liability and Others

    1. The Management expressly points out that all persons who become members or who use Move’s facilities do so at their own risk. Patrons are strongly recommended to seek medical advice before undertaking any physical activity. The Hotel and Move will not be held responsible for any death, Illness, or injury resulting from such use of the facilities.

    2. Members are required to use the facilities in a proper and prudent manner. The Hotel and Move will not be responsible for any injury or loss to any member arising from the negligence, default or other wrongful acts of any member. Move reserves the right to require any member to make good and indemnify the Hotel, Move, & the Management against any damage or destruction of Move’s facilities caused by negligence, default, or wrongful act of such member.

    3. The Hotel, Move, & the Management are not liable for any loss or damage to personal belongings left at its premises. Regardless, of whether such belongings are left in the lockers provided or elsewhere in Move’s premises or have been left in the care of any employee of the Move.

    4. The Hotel and Move whose decision will be final and binding upon all members shall determine any dispute that may arise with regards to interpretation of these rules.

    5. By their membership, member must accept and agree to be bound by the rules of Move Health Club.

    6. All the conditions of membership and rules contained herein apply to members, temporary member, and guests alike.

    7. Failure of the Management, Move, & The Hotel to enforce any of their respective rules or regulations at any time for any period shall not be construed as waiver of such rights.

    8. The Management at its own discretion may amend, vary, delete, or add to Move’s rules at any time with immediate effect. Members will be advised for any changes by notification on the notice board in Move.

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